Maria & Demetri in Cyprus Nov01


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Maria & Demetri in Cyprus

I am convinced that as photographers we get clients that fit “just right” with us, like hand and glove. I couldn’t have asked for a nicer couple than Maria & Demetri to ask me to shoot their wedding.

The first thing I thought when I heard it was going to be in Cyprus was… flippen awesome! Then when I thought about it for a bit longer, I realized that I hadn’t a clue about Cyprus. First making the same mistake most people make “oh! a greek island”. Actually, Cyprus is more of a middle eastern island with Lebanon just across a short stretch of sea.Yes, Cypriotes in many ways are similar to Greek people, but really are a people on their own and very distinctive. This trip was an great opportunity to bring my wife and kids with, as it was at the end of the long summer wedding season and I could book some time off. We had a week in Cyprus, with me leaving them for the three days to shoot the wedding.

Once we got out of the usual tourist orientated towns, Cyprus really surprised us with its natural beauty, quaint villages and especially food, wow! I never talk about food after returning from a trip, but let me tell you their food in some of the villages was unreal. Hopefully soon I can post some personal photos taken in these beautiful villages.

I spent two and a half days photographing a dinner party, boat trip and the Wedding day. This was an incredibly hard wedding to pick for the blog. I edited a couple thousand images overall and after the first cull for the blog post, I had way too many, 450 images. I apologise that there is so much missing I wish I could show you, but the show must go on with a reasonable number of images.

I want to thank Maria & Demetri, all their family and friends who really treated me well and welcomed me. It was my Birthday over their wedding and they even stopped the show to sing me Happy Birthday. Embarrassing yes, but very kind. I am so excited that I am now booked to photograph close friends of Maria & Demetri wedding in Bali next year.