Fujifilm Professional Awards – time to submit Sep29


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Fujifilm Professional Awards – time to submit

The time to submit images for the annual Fuji Awards has arrived. This is the first time I will be entering images in this particular photographic competition. It is “arguably” one the biggest in the year, so I am looking forward to submitting. I had a chat recently with two professional wedding photographers and we were discussing the type of image one should submit that would appeal to the judges. As far as I know, every year there are different judges taking part, so trying to figure out what they would enjoy viewing, or their style, is impossible. It is also a massive task to go over ones photos from the last year and then putting together a good group to enter. I, like other wedding and portrait photographers, probably edit over 30 000 images in one year and trying to break that down is incredible difficult, with the risk of leaving out images that would appeal to the judges.

I have decided to enter photographs that bring back great memories for me, ones from shoots that were enjoyable , others challenging and generally photos I am proud of. These are the images I have considered for entry in the wedding category.

I would love to hear from you in the comments bar below, which ones stand out for you.