Winter Wonderland Sep14


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Winter Wonderland

Dara & Steve’s Cornwall Winter Wonderland. The days leading up to and the days after their Wedding had some of the UK’s heaviest snowfall in years, blizzards! With planes, trains and automobiles stuck all over the England, fortunately the Wedding went off without a hitch, with beautiful blue sky’s and all their guests making it to the celebration at Pentillie┬áCastle in Cornwall. What could have been an absolute disaster Wedding, became one of the best I have been involved in. Not everyone made it home for Christmas, due to all the airports being closed, but that’s another story. A few things to check out in this post which I thought were brilliant. The Cornish Pasty cufflinks, nice touch. Steve’s brother wearing Frodo’s feet during the ceremony. Two guests who couldn’t make it to the wedding had pictures of themselves printed onto table tennis bats, so friends could carry them around. You do not want to know what happened to these bats by the end of the evening. The cake, which had icing figures of Dara & Steve, their pets and their second love’s, bike riding and horse riding. And piglet of course, who apparently travels everywhere with the group of friends.