SHARK ATTACK Fish Hoek Beach May28


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SHARK ATTACK Fish Hoek Beach

Unfortunately we have had another shark attack in Fish hoek around 45min ago. I don’t have all the details, but from what I can gather, a man was attacked around a quarter of the way down towards Fish Hoek main beach from Clovelly beach. He has been seriously injured, but seems to have been stabilised before being flown to hospital. Awesome job to whom ever was able to help before the medics got to him. Big up to the medics here in Fish Hoek and ER24 chopper crew, you have most likely saved the mans life. Please send prayers out to the man and his family.

I have kept my distance with these photos, so there is nothing too hectic to view.

Two things I noticed, it happened where the river is flowing into the sea and the other, just like our last attack, happened when there weren’t many people in the sea, very quiet. Apparently the sea was closed at the time due to shark activity. He must not have known?

I know our life saving club uses buoys with the shark repellant modules during training, maybe now Fish Hoek should consider placing these buoys across the beach in certain areas?